The MIGIEUS project is a „MIGRATION AS A DEFINING FACTOR OF INFLUENCE ON THE EU SECURITY” carried out as part of Jean Monnet Activities in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

  • GRANT AGREEMENT FOR AN ACTION NUMBER – 2017 – 1864 / 001 – 001 (pdf)


The main idea of the MIGIEUS Module is linked with the situation at the 21 century in the Europe, where international migration and country’s security and defence are valid research issues, and its proper scientific analysis requires inter- and multidisciplinary approach. The MIGIEUS topics are still underestimated and underrepresented in teaching and research, therefore it is an important niche to identify and develop them; to awakening students’ observation skills and sensitivity to the problems of international migrations, their multidimensional causes and consequences for contemporary societies in terms of EU security and defence. It will allow users to know better the ways of EU regulation of given issues and get involved in the competition of the EU programmes in education and research as the knowledge society implies projects-based employability at national and transnational level. The proposed MIGIEUS Module is planned as a 3-year coherent short teaching programme at IRIM. Two new courses “Migration as a security challenge in EU” and “EU foreign, security and defense policy” with teaching activities at its core, together with an innovative curriculum, corresponding to up-to-date research activities performed simultaneously, will be prepared and offered within the project in order to reach at least 40-60 Master degree students during 180 hours within 3 years. Courses will be delivered in the Romanian and Russian languages, with utilizing case studies, games, reports, discussions, participation of practitioners.

The objectives of the Module:

  • to equip Moldovan students with knowledge and competences in EU foreign, security and defence policy and Migration, as a security challenge in European Union in order to foster their career prospects;
  • Introducing Module’s topics as a complex and multidimensional research problem, which can be presented in its fullest only through the inter- and multidimensional scientific approaches.
  • to promote European dimension and values in Moldovan education at institutional and national level;
  • fostered dialogue between the Moldovan academic world and policy-makers / professional groups / civil society on European security and migration issues subjects;
  • to share and enhance the visibility of the action’s outputs by using the new information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve learning, offering open educational and scientific resources to direct and indirect beneficiaries via the institutional website.
  • to promote excellence in teaching, research and reflection in EU studies.


  • to provide teaching of 2 courses within the module on European studies: (1) Migration as a security challenge in EU and (2) EU foreign, security and defense policy;
  • to train 120 students from Master cycle (specializations International Trade and Diplomatic Studies) during the project;
  • to organise 6 roundtable debates on EU active citizenship dedicated to various aspects of EU migration, foreign policy, security and defense, relevance to the Republic Moldova with about 90 students from IRIM, other universities and colleges;
  • to publish annually at least 2 articles / papers on the module’s courses;
  • to publish 2 textbooks on module’s courses to be distributed to libraries and public institutions;
  • to participate at dissemination, communication and information events at national and European level.