I. The textbook Migration as a security challenge in European Union (Golovataia_Textbook migratia, PDF)
Brief description of the content:

For a better understanding of the ongoing processes in the EU was publicated textbook Migration as a security challenge in the European Union in the Russian language with the aim of dissemination of knowledge on European research in the field of migration. Moreover, it encouraged students’ participation in EU programs / funded projects.

The course is concentrated on the analysis and evaluation of the situation in the field of international migration in contemporary Europe. At the beginning of the 21st century, especially in the European context, international migration is an important and valid research problem, and its proper scientific analysis requires inter- and multidisciplinary approach. The study of the behavior, interests, strategies, tactics, relations, and views/attitudes of key actors of migration around the EU is essential to familiarize students with the broad areas of European cooperation among the issues of migration. Security and migration have several connotations. They are together can be threat (irregular migration), protection (e.g. asylum policy) or an opportunity (handling social security challenges of aging societies or optimizing economic outputs).
Scientific research and analysis proceed from the following propositions:

– Fair, smart, transparent, and rights-based immigration, security policies can promote social cohesion, economic vitality, and national security.
– Given the opportunity, immigrants become net contributors and create new social and economic assets.
– How to balance domestic security with immigration demands
– National policymaking benefits from international comparative research, as more and more countries, accumulate data, analysis, and policy experience related to global migration.
Objectives of the textbook:
– to do research on the topics designed for delivering the course in EU, to accumulate the necessary data and establish research methodology;
– to process the primary data and materials, namely, to work with the specialist on the migration policy, to read the necessary literature, and participate in different workshops.

Impact. The beneficiaries obtained recent researches and knowledge on specific subjects with a European dimension. They can use them according to their individual needs. Also, they were provided with the basic ideas and elements on Migration as a security challenge and EU foreign, security, and defense policy. The results of this paper give new ideas and hints for other investigations in the field of European security. The direct and indirect beneficiaries in our society rediscovered the connections between migration, security, and development. By extension, they can foster cooperation with the EU, Member States, institutions, and people for lasting partnerships, increases knowledge in the field of EU European national security and migration policies. It is necessary for the Europeanization of Moldovan society. It consolidates and deepens the understanding of the European integration process in the country and in the region.
The papers disseminate European migration and security issues in the framework of open educational and scientific resources using the IRIM website, and academic activities, within and outside the institutional level. The contribution of this paper can be considered in shaping the university curriculum and the profile of university programs concerning EU studies.

II. The textbook EU Foreign, Security and Defence Policy (Beniuc_Textbook politica_externa, PDF)
Brief description of the content:

The manual will contain aspects that will initiate and enhance the knowledge of research and analysis of the EU as an international actor and as a security provider. Manual Contents highlights the mechanism of realization of foreign policy and problem solving EU security.
The needs of the course:

– the necessity to ensure the Master students who will listen to EU Foreign, Security and Defence Policy within IRIM and other universities;
– dissemination of greater knowledge on EU foreign policy and security issues among academics in Moldova;
– understanding the role of the EU member states and third parties outside the EU in the development and exercise of EU foreign authority;

The beneficiaries are the master student’s manual, academics, members of civil society in Moldova, including those interested in foreign policy and security of the EU. The book serves as a source for knowledge diversification and improving university curricula in IRIM and in other universities from Moldova. The manual, devoted to foreign policy and security issues the EU is unique because for the first time highlighted potential aspects concerning the EU as a security provider in Europe. Profound lack of knowledge on the mechanism of cooperation with the EU covered by this manual, as it covers in detail both the legal and foreign policy powers of the European institutions. Publication of the manual extends the EU perception as an international actor, like a power pole and non-military security provider in Europe. The book serves as a guide for curriculum development and perfecting the academic profile of university programs in European Studies. EU Foreign and Security Policy textbook is used by academics from IRIM and other Moldovan institutions and serves as a reference source for other courses on European Union. Book disseminates knowledge CFSP, ESDP, EU diplomacy, the EU’s European neighborhood policy, security issues, and defense policy.
The books are distributed for free to various public and academic libraries in the country.