We used two types of Information sheets:

1) notifying about the beginning of new disciplines included in the curriculum of two faculties in the 2nd cycle of training, master’s Degree. In order to promote two new Courses at the Faculty of International Relations and Faculty of World Economy and International Economic Relations, as well as to better inform potential students, information leaflets were distributed annually at all faculties of the IRIM. Newsletters have proven to be very effective tools for attracting an increasing number of interested listeners.

News letter 1_Golovataia L.

Newslwtter 2_Beniuc V.

2) informing masters on certain topics from the proposed new disciplines. In this case, the beneficiaries were provided with information on the latest research and knowledge on specific problems taking place in the European Union in the field of migration and EU foreign policy, security and defense. Such information allows direct and indirect beneficiaries to discover the links between migration, security and development, and provides new ideas and clues for other research in the field of European security. Moreover, they can foster cooperation with the EU, Member States, institutions and people to build strong partnerships, improve knowledge of European national security and EU migration policy. This is necessary for the Europeanization of Moldovan society. It consolidates and deepens understanding of the European integration process in the country and in the region.
Scientific research and analysis proceed from the following propositions:
– Fair, smart, transparent, and rights-based immigration, security, and defence policies can promote social cohesion, economic vitality, and national security.
– Given the opportunity, immigrants become net contributors and create new social and economic assets.
– How to balance domestic security with immigration demands
– National policymaking benefits from international comparative research, as more and more countries, accumulate data, analysis, and policy experience related to global migration.

Newsletter 3_Golovataia L rus

Newslwtter 4_Beniuc V.