Beniuc Valentin rector irim

Rector IRIM
doctor în ştiinţe istorice, doctor habilitat în ştiinţe politice, profesor universitar

Dear friends, Moldova State Institute of International Relations (IRIM) is a higher education institution which has provided its academic service during 13 years; it has passed the academic and scientific accreditation ; it offers academic vocational training at all levels of university education, namely, Cycle I – Bachelor’s degree, Cycle II – Master,s degree and Cycle III – Postgraduate courses.

After academic and scientific accreditation, Moldova State Institute of International Relations obtains an international accreditation of the Faculty of Law, qualification “Full Trust” – the preparation of highly-qualified lawyers.

Do the right thing, choose IRIM!

Dear friends, the IRIM has a great methodological and scientific base. It has extensive international ties with the relevant higher education institutions in Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Seattle, Berlin, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Sofia, all in all 17 universities and international funds.

The IRIM academic staff has had academic training in the European Union and the United States. The IRIM academia annually improve their academic skills and knowledge in one of the most prestigious specialized higher institutions in our region, that is, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University)  (MGIMO (U). Moreover, our students have the opportunity of taking lectures of foreign academic teachers via distance learning (on- line) in the framework of cooperation from Mercer University (USA), and in the annual summer schools organized by the IRIM in collaboration with other universities.

Among the academic teachers who delivered lectures to the IRIM students there are professors and associate professors from the United States, the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, France, Germany and Italy. The advantage of studying at the IRIM is that our graduates receive professional training in their chosen specialty, as well as in related disciplines, as a result they can successfully compete in the labor market. Students of all specialties study two foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian), but students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages study three foreign languages.

Knowledge of foreign languages helps IRIM graduates to find a job without any effort both in Moldova and abroad, both in the public and international companies and to take their place in the world of socio-political and economic relations.

Thanks to the programs such as “Erasmus Mundus” and “Jean Monnet” that facilitate the mobility of university staff and students, each year in the framework of IRIM the exchange of personnel and their experience takes place.  International programs in which the IRIM students are involved alter significantly their lives, but it is most important   that it makes possible to successfully implement their personal and professional potential corresponding to the level of higher education.

The IRIM students pass the pre-diploma internship in the specialty in the specialized agencies of the Republic of Moldova, namely, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and other departments that are responsible for international cooperation, non-governmental organizations of the Republic of Moldova and in foreign countries, that is, Romania, the USA, Turkey and Bulgaria. Also, they get valuable experience by participating in university activities that are organized outside training programs, such as the Institutional Model UN , regional model BISMUN (Bucharest International Students Model United Nations), summer schools, debates, scientific conferences, including ones at the international level.

The IRIM differs favorably from other universities in the diverse cultural and sports life, for example, there is its own theatre, basketball and volleyball teams (male and female) that  are part of the Major League. Among 32 higher education institutions in Moldova, the IRIM ranks the 5th.

Dear friends, the IRIM has a substantial and ever-growing potential. We are serious about providing quality educational services; we make every effort to do so. Only quality education ensures professional competitiveness which in its turn will ensure a successful career in accordance with all of your expectations.

Do the right thing, choose IRIM!