The IRIM’s Senate, the supreme governing body of the institute, is elected in accordance with the Regulations on academic teaching positions, senior management and senior management election in higher education institutions of the Republic of Moldova dated of 16 April 1996. Senate functions on the basis of the Regulations on organization and function of the IRIM’s Senate (updated in the IRIM’s Senate session of 13 September 2006, minutes no. 7).
The IRIM’s Senate is focused on teaching activity monitoring , modernizing the educational process, enhancing the quality of learning / teaching, adjusting the IRIM to educational parameters of the European education, increasing professional demands for the IRIM’s staff, developing and promoting a spirit of cooperation among the IRIM’s members, ensuring a quality system that is highly appreciated by students, attracting and retaining the high quality staff, enhancing perfection of academic and professional IRIM’s staff etc.
The IRIM’s Senate is the ultimate decision-making forum with maximum representation, consisting of the rector, vice-rectors, academic staff, students and representatives of all subdivisions of the institute. All actions of the IRIM’s Senate members are aimed at strengthening the image of Moldova State Institute of International Relations (IRIM) as an institute specializing in international relations metadomain by upgrading educational services, improving educational methods and techniques, and ameliorating an internal education management.