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The IRIM library is an integral part of national higher education system, and it contributes with its collections and services to the academic training, education, and scientific research.


On March 21, 2003 Government Decision No.346 on the establishment of Moldova State Institute of International Relations with the status of state educational institution in international relations was adopted; this date, actually, also became the day of birth of the IRIM library.

The collection has been composed of donations from the IRIM academic teachers and the publications that were purchased at the request of the academic staff. Also, the depository of the IRIM library was replenished by the US Embassy donation of the collection of Encyclopedia Britannica.

The current depository of the library consists of around 13,300 volumes (books and periodicals); all of them can be found in the library’s electronic catalog via the computers connected to the Internet; there is also an access to databases of scientific publications.
The process of the library modernization is going on in order to optimize an access to relevant information both by increasing the number of library collections and by providing modern information services.

Library depository

Pursuing a policy of keeping on a selective development and gathering balanced collections, the IRIM library offers its users a big number of varied books which constitute the bulk of the publications in the fields of social and political sciences (international relations, diplomacy, and history), legal sciences, economics, linguistics, art, culture and others. The electronic catalogue contains all the bibliographic indexes of publications in the collections of the IRIM library.

Domestic and foreign periodicals

The IRIM library provides users with a large collection of national and foreign periodicals. The collection embraces representative documents that have been published over the years, mainly in the fields of the academic subjects to be taught in the IRIM.

The periodicals depository has become a collection unit, according to the information needs of its readers (academic teachers, students, and researchers) and the financial resources of the library.

Audiovisual documents

To complement collections of books, periodicals, the IRIM library comprises other types of documents, such as multimedia records , databases on CD-ROMs, audio and video cassettes, etc.

Donations and donors:

  • Valentin Beniuc – Rector of the IRIM
  • Ludmila Rosca
  • Victor Stepaniuc
  • Sergiu Nazaria
  • Mihail Birgau
  • Nicolae Afanas
  • Galina Muntean

Donation institutions:

  • US Embassy

If you have an important collection of publications, and you want it to be available to the academic community donating it to our library, we guarantee the collection integrity and sincere appreciation of your good will.

For information:

tel.: 022-22-35-60