The Journal RI Plus

The Journal „Relaţii Internaţionale. Plus”


ri_plusThe journal is an academic effort of Moldova State Institute of International Relations  to fill in the gap in the  scientific analysis of international relations and foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova. The editorial staff takes into account the experience, profile and style of the national publications, in which international relations were and are analyzed The journal „Relaţii Internaţionale. Plus”, in order to promote a scientific and analytical spirit of research and knowledge.

With regard to the name of the publication: “International Relations. Plus “, there is a question, in particular, why the” Plus “?

It is necessary to note that, first of all, “international relations” etymologically mean “relations between nations / states”. In this sense, “plus” means the presence of non-state actors in these relations that have authority and influence, including in establishing a world order. Currently, international relations cannot be considered solely as political relations (inter-state), they must necessarily be considered from the perspective of  J. Rosenau’s conception, that is, “post international relations”, which impose the need to take into account non-state actors, that is, in a permanent and structured international cooperation, namely, international corporations, banks, international economic structures, businesses with regional and global authority, big financial speculators, the scientific community and civil society organizations around the world.


In this sense, the state in international relations is not anymore the only actor; it is forced to compete / collaborate with its antipode, that is, non-state actors that have become not only highly diverse and influential but also disconnected in a normal way out of the scope of political monitoring, while being, nevertheless, involved in major international and global policies.

The need for such a scientific publication is also explained in terms of omnipresent
character of international relations which marginalize the increasingly insistent internal politics of the state; it is required to take into account the rigors of international law, the set of standards and commitments that are intervened in the process of access to international organizations or to one of state communities and to the values promoted by the big world powers.

Thus, Moldova State Institute of International Relations in collaboration with university partners together with the analytical community will put forward research, discussion, comprehension and socialization, including the part of metadomain to this complex process in international relations.

In this sense, in the West (recently also in Russia) a scientific and analytical potential in international relations is characterized as one of strategic importance alongside with an economic and military potential, the US recognizing it being of great importance.

Activation and strengthening of this strategic potential will eventually enable an adequate comprehension of the whole system of international relations, formation of an efficient decision-making system in international foreign policies, institutionalization of a mechanism to compensate the diminution of military and economic potential of the Republic of Moldova.

The editorial board of the journal “International relations. Plus”


“International relations. Plus” is a scientific and practical journal of Moldova State Institute of International Relations with a biannual (tri-annual) periodicity, and it contains the material from the following scientific fields, namely, political sciences, economics, and law.

To exclude plagiarism, when materials presented, the editorial board will ask the author for the declaration on taking the responsibility according to clause 4 of the Regulations for evaluation, classification and monitoring of scientific journals (CSŞDT and CNAA Decision dated of 25 June 2015).

The papers are reviewed anonymously by the experts  that are selected by the editorial board of the journal. The assessment of each article by two independent reviewers is mandatory. Final decision on publishing articles in the journal “International Relations. Plus” is taken by Editorial Board members.

At the end of article authors indicate their email address.

The insertion of tables, diagrams or drawings in order to argumentate the forwarded thesis is welcome.

The text of articles will be typed in Times New Roman, size – 12, interval 1.5, presented in the printed and electronic form, and signed by the author (s). Also, articles can be sent by e-mail

For further contact the phone number of one of the authors is indicated.

Articles are presented in the IRIM Scientific Activity Section, Pushkin str., 54.

Contact phone: 022-21-09-78

Article Structure:

  • Page – size A4
  • The title of article in capitals, in Romanian and English.
  • First and last names of the authors (in full).
  • Scientific and didactic title (in full).
  • Affiliation (institution).

Key Elements of the Scientific Article:

  • Resume (maximum 100 words or 20 lines) in Romanian and abstract (in English).
  • Key-words (in Romanian and English).
  • Introduction (relevance, practical significance of the investigation, and originality of approach).
  • Scientific method(s) and investigation material to be used in research.
  • Research results.
  • Conclusion.
  • Bibliographical references (are recommended in compliance with the rules outlined in CNAA Attestation Commission Decision No AT03 dated of 23 April 2009).

In the text the references are indicated by figures in square brackets (for example, [2], [5-8]), and they are separately given at the end of the article, in the form of the list in the order of their appearance in the text.

The references are presented in the following way:
1.   articles both in journals and in collections of articles: authors’ names, the article’s title, the journal’s/collection’s title  with accepted abbreviations, the year of edition, the volume, the number, the pages of the beginning and the end (ex.: Groza, L. Discursul politic şi sloganul publicitar – surse ale frazeologiei româneşti actuale //  – Bucureşti, 1999, vol. III – IV, p. 14-16).

  1. books: authors’ names,the title of the book (in full), the place of publication, the year of publication, the whole number of pages (ex.: Vianu, T. Problemele metaforei şi alte studii de stilistică.– Bucureşti: Editura de Stat pentru Literatură şi Artă, 1957. – 262 p.).
    Figures and tables are inserted immediately after the reference in the text. Under the figure or table the number of order and corresponding legend are given.

The tables are numbered and have thier titles.

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