Publication terms and conditions:

The articles will be presented to the editorial office in two languages: Romanian or Russian and English, and will follow the general writing and editing rules established by the Editorial Board reflected in the Editorial Activity Regulations approved by the IRIM Scientific Council and Senate.

Articles presentation schedule: Nr. 1 – April 1; Nr. 2 – September 1. The average number of weeks between submission and publication: 8 weeks.

To exclude plagiarism, when submitting the materials, the Editorial Board will ask the author a  declaration on his / her own responsibility (liability statement) according to point 4 of the Regulations for the Evaluation, Classification and Monitoring of Scientific Magazines (CSDDT Decision and CNAA of June 25, 2015).

Experts in the given field (double-blind peer review ) anonymously review scientific articles. Final decisions on editing articles belong to members of the Editorial Board, which, based on the given review, recommends the Scientific Council to approve the content of the issue of the journal submitted for editing.

The responsibility for originality and the information included in the articles rests entirely with the authors who, when presenting the paper, sign a non-plagiarized statement (declaration) on their own. The editorial board has the right to reject materials that do not meet technical conditions or have been evaluated by experts as being of no scientific value.

The copyright of the published article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the published text rests solely with the author. The publisher’s opinion may be different from the author’s opinion.

The journal does not charge fees for filing, editing, reviewing articles.

The author pays only the cost of the journal issue (the printed version) – the price of about 150 lei (depending on the volume of the book).

Authors should meet the criteria set out in the Regulation on the Evaluation and Classification of Scientific Journals, approved by the CSDDT Decision of the ASM, no. 196 of 18.10.2012 and the Guide on the improvement of PhD thesis and abstracts approved by the CNNA Attestation Commission Decision, no. AT03 / 11 of April 23, 2009.

The text of the articles will be written in the font Times New Roman, body – 12, at 1.5 interval and presented in electronic and printed form, signed by the author (s). The articles can also be sent to the e-mail address:

For additional information, contact information of one of the authors should be provided.

Articles are presented to the Editorial Board, 54 Pushkin Street.

Contact phone number: 022-21-09-78.

Structure of the article:

  • Page – A4 format
  • The title is compiled in capital letters in Romanian, Russian and English.
  • First and last name (complete).
  • Scientific-didactic title/degree (complete).
  • Affiliation (institution).
  • Electronic address.
  • CZU.
  • JEL (economy).
  • The inclusion of tables, diagrams or sketches to support the thesis is welcome.

The main elements of the scientific article:

  • Abstract (up to 100 words or 20 lines) in Romanian and abstract (in English).
  • Keywords (in Romanian) and keywords (in English) – 5-8 words.
  • Introduction (relevance, practical significance of the investigation, originality of the approach).
  • Method and material applied (highlighting the methods and principles applied in the investigation process).
  • Research results
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliographic references (it is recommended to comply with the rules set out in the CNAA Attestation Commission’s No. AT03 of April 23, 2009).

In the text, the references are numbered with square brackets (for example: [2], [5-8]) and appear at the end of the article in a separate list in alphabetical order.

References are as follows:

  1. Legislative acts (e.g: Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova, No. 985 of 18.04.2002.) In: Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, No. 72-74, art No. 195, April 14, 2009. MODIFIED: LP225 from 15.12.17, MO464-470 /29.12.17 art.790, in force 29.12.17).
  2. Articles in journals and article collections: author’s name, title of the article, name of the jounal (collection) with accepted abbreviations, year of publication, volume, number, beginning and end pages (e.g. Groza Liviu. Political discourse and advertising slogan – sources of current Romanian phraseology // – Bucharest, 1999, vol. III – IV, pp. 14-16).
  3. Books: author’s name, full name of the book, place of publishing, year of publishing, total number of pages (e.g. Fisichella Domenico. Political Science, Problems, Concepts, Theories. Iasi: Polirom, 2007.- 406 pages).
  4. Electronic Sources (e.g: The Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova, No. 985 of 18.04.2002.) In:, accessed on 25.12.2012.).

Figures and tables are placed directly after the reference in the text. Below the figure or table, there is the number and the respective legend. Tables are numbered and must be accompanied by the title.