About the IRIM

Moldova State Institute of International Relations (IRIM) is a higher state school in the Republic of Moldova.

The abbreviation IRIM denotes the full name of educational institution in the Moldovan language, that is, Institutul de Relaţii Internaţionale din Moldova.

Moldova State Institute of International Relations (IRIM) was founded according to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova (see: «Мониторул Офичиал» dated of 28.03.2003), and it is to prepare highly qualified specialists capable of developing effective political, economic, communicative, and diplomatic activities in the conditions of the formation  of our state as a subject of international relations.

Moldova State Institute of International Relations (IRIM) is the only specialized educational institution in the Republic of Moldova which comprehensively trains specialists in all areas of international relations. Academic training at the Institute is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Bologna Declaration which aims to improve the quality of higher education. The academic educational process is accompanied by a number of internships and practices aimed at forming practical skills of future specialists. At all faculties the study of two languages of international communication, such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German is required, the application of advanced methods and techniques for academic teaching/ learning process being in use. Also, there is an opportunity for students to study a third foreign language.

The Institute, in collaboration with local and foreign partners, uses different forms of interaction, namely, it organizes and holds scientific conferences and seminars; also, it publishes yearbooks and carries out research in the field of international relations.

Most of academic teachers of Moldova State Institute of International Relations (IRIM) have been trained in their specialty abroad. The high potential of the academic teaching staff together with the IRIM structure and functionality providing high-quality training allowed our institute to pass successfully academic accreditation in 2010.

The Institute carries out an extensive research work in various aspects and on different issues of international relations. In the field of political international relations and foreign policy a special attention is given to the study of the history of international relations, the issues related to European integration, mechanisms for cooperation at the regional and world level, the study of diplomatic relations between the different states, including the Republic of Moldova. In the area of economic international relations the research is carried out in diverse fields, such as, the world economic and financial systems, the role and place of the various states in the global economy, economic integration processes, international financial institutions, issues of international trade and tourism. International legislation on a range of political, social, economic, financial issues and communication activities is constantly the subject of study and research for the Institute’s international lawyers.

Only for the last 5 years, Moldova State Institute of International Relations (IRIM)  has published more than 1,000 scientific papers, including 72 monographs, textbooks, and course lectures. Due to such activities of researchers and academic teaching staff, in 2012 the IRIM passed by right the scientific accreditation on the profile of International Relations in the following directions:

  • International relationships.
  • International economic relations.
  • International law.

The structure and functionality of the IRIM are aimed at forming professionals on the basis of a multidisciplinary approach, since only this approach is the key to quality in  education.

The interdisciplinary education format provides the continuity of education in Cycle II (the Master’s Cycle), that is, each graduate of  Cycle I (the Bachelor’s Cycle) may select one of the 12 majors , they are International Law or Diplomacy, International Trade or Political Analysis, European Studies or Business Law.
Moldova State Institute of International Relations (IRIM) embraces 4 faculties which academically train specialists in 20 specialties and specializations:
1. Faculty of International Relations and Political Sciences.
2. Faculty of World Economy and International Economic Relations.
3. Faculty of Law.
4. Faculty of Foreign Languages.
Moldova State Institute of International Relations (IRIM) is located in one of the lovely and picturesque places in the center of Chisinau; its address is Pushkin str., 54.