Scientific Activity

Organization of Research and Innovation

A key priority in the activity of IRIM is the organization of academic and scientific events and evaluation of intellectual potential of academic staff in the Institute. Scientific activity within IRIM is conducted in accordance with national legislation in the field of research and innovation and institutional provisions.

Current and future directions of research and innovation in the IRIM are determined by plans of the IRIM, plans of the departments and individual plans of academic staff. Some basic indexes for demonstrating the foremost results in this domain of academic activity are elaboration of scientific works, organization and participation in conferences.

Scientific activity is managed by the Department of Scientific Activity and subdivisions with proficiency in complex planning for ensuring institutional management in the research and innovation, namely, they are setting priorities and monitoring the results of scientific investigation, promotion, development of inter-university relations, and evaluation of scientific research results.

The Department of Scientific Activity has taken a number of steps to strengthen the scientific activity, namely, to reinforce scientific potential, to adjust the normative base for new opportunities (to perfect normative acts regarding the organization and conduct of scientific activities within the IRIM), to intensify the IRIM scientific system (creation and systematic propulsion of research system components and innovation in the IRIM).

In accordance with the directions of research, academic and research staff conduct scientific investigations within the following laboratories:

1. Laboratory No.1 “National Interest and Contemporary Integration Processes”.
2. Laboratory No.2 “International Economic Relations”.
3. Laboratory No.3 “Rights and Human Liberties: Current Issues”.
4. Laboratory no.4 “Contemporary Philology in the Context of University Education.”

Laboratories work on the basis of plans that include key scientific research, applicative investigation or complex research. Also, they organize and coordinate the enhance of scientific research in which the scientific potential of the IRIM is used for publication or implementation of scientific results.

Students are also involved in conducting scientific research, namely, they are preparing their course papers and diploma papers, as well they are participating in debate clubs, scientific circles and student conferences at the faculty, institute and interuniversity levels.

Recognition of research that was conducted by the IRIM academia is achieved via the joint organization of international conferences and the publication of their works in higher schools publishing houses at home or abroad.

The IRIM scientific staff participate both as members of scientific specialized councils at scientific profile seminars and as official experts at the defense of PhD and habilitat theses.

Also, the IRIM scientific staff is also elected as members of editorial boards of journals in Moldova and abroad.

Further, the IRIM chairs collaborate with existing profile institutions of higher education and research in the country and abroad.

In collaboration with local and foreign partners, in the IRIM scientific conferences, symposia, seminars on integration processes are held, the results of investigation being revealed in various publications.
Finally, the IRIM researchers and students participate in various international projects.