Faculty of International Relations and Political Sciences

v stepaniuc

Dean,  Victor Stepaniuc, PhD, Ass. Prof.

Faculty of International Relations and Political Sciences prepares specialists in the field of international relations and political sciences. According to the abilities and the acquired competences graduates will have the possibility to be employed by central and local public administration, political parties, national and international nongovernmental organizations as consultants, analysts, experts, political leaders, political scientists, spokespersons,and interpreters /translators.

Training of the future specialists is being realized according to the requirement of the Bologna process: cycle I – University Studies for Bachelor’s Degree (Licentiate), cycle II – University studies for Master’s Degree. Bachelor and master degree students have the possibility to study profoundly the main theoretical doctrines of international relations, specific character of diplomatic and consular practice, foundations of political sciences, instruments and methods of political analysis, peculiarities of integration processes at the international level, negotiation strategies, features of interpersonal, interstate and multilateral dialogue, main techniques and methods of accomplishing  scientific analysis and that of a project. The teaching staff includes over 22 persons, 4 are habilitat doctors, 11 have PhD and 6 are superior lecturers.

In recent years the teaching staff of the faculty proved to be successful authors of course books, dictionaries and monographs in the field of political studies, international relations, history of diplomacy, etc.

Among the teaching staff of the faculty there are some persons with a great experience of public life in the Republic of Moldova, such as former ministers, former deputies, diplomats, chiefs of the departments from the government of the Republic of Moldova.

Faculty of International Relations and Political Sciences offers:


  1. 1 International relations
  2. 1 Political Sciences
  3. 1 Public Administration


  1. European Studies
  2. Diplomatic Studies
  3. Political Analysis
  4. European Public Administration


  • Political international management
  • Diplomatic Relations
  • Socio-Political Management
  • Public Administration
  • Mass Media
  • Management of National and International Projects
  • Teaching and Scientific Activity

At the moment a great number of the graduates of the faculty are employees of the Ministry of the External Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, of central public administration institutions and civil community services. They work as diplomats, party leaders, councilors of governmental structures, political analysts, etc.

Mission of the Faculty of International Relations and Political Sciences is accomplishing the educational and research process aiming at preparing specialists who are able to promote socio-political and economic modernization of  Moldova’s society.