Faculty of Law

Mihail Birgau, Dean,
doctor habilitate in Law, university professor

  • Faculty of Law was founded by the IRIM Senate sitting’s decision of August 30, 2005 (Minutes No. 16). Three chairs operate within the faculty: International Law, Public Law and Private Law.
  • The mission of IRIM Law Faculty is to promote educational policy of the Republic of Moldova and to foster university education based on values of culture, national and world science.
  • The establishment of the Faculty was provided by Moldova’s international relations development with other states and reinforcement of relations between natural and legal persons in different countries. In this context, there is a pressing need to train highly professional specialists in international law who are capable of carrying out an effective international judicial activity in the interests of citizens, legal persons and the Republic of Moldova.
  • To adequately prepare specialists in international law, faculty staff pays special attention to the educational process using various teaching methods thanks to which students explore the benefits to develop logical thinking and skills that they need for their training.
  • Speciality of law is aimed at preparing highly-qualified specialists and scientific staff for carrying out scientific research in some areas.
  • Specialists with a higher education and the specialization 1001.10, “International Law”, are trained during the full cycle of study that is based on the knowledge gained from all the disciplines included in the curriculum.

• Students with speciality 1001 “Law”, with specialization in International Law (1001.10), are ready to work for the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department of Criminal Sanctions Enforcement, Department of Information and Security, as prosecutors in the prosecution, as judges, lawyers, civil servants, etc.