Faculty of World Economy and International Economic Relations

Tatiana Andreeva,

Phd in Economics,

Associate Professor

Faculty of World Economy and International Economic Relations was established on the 20th of September in 2005

The need for the appearance of the faculty was driven by the swift process of internationalization of economic life accompanied by limited amount of the available resources, increase of the gap between the level of development of the countries, as well as a range of factors determining material, financial and documents circuit on the global scale.

Management of international economic affairs lies in management of international corporations and investment projects, information system development, formation and improvement of the mechanisms of conducting international transactions, management of risks related to international business, streamlining trade , etc.

The main goal of the faculty is to train specialists and scientists in the field of international economic relations, business and administration, marketing and logistics, tourism, as well as organization and implementation of research and training-methodical activities.

The objectives of the faculty are:

  •  preparation of highly qualified specialists with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree for the national economy, that are competent in matters of market economy and European integration;
  •  organization and accomplishment of scientific research and technology transfer, with students being involved in this process;
  • organization and carrying out of activities for disseminating knowledge in the community.

The curricula of the Faculty of World Economy and International Economic Relations are aimed at preparing highly qualified specialists, the elite in the field who have skills to integrate flexibly into systems and subsystems of global economy, who are aware of major global economic challenges and key political factors determining the development of world economy and who have a high level of linguistic competence.

The educational process at the Faculty World Economy and International Economic Relations is focused on using technology and modern teaching methods. The emphasis in the process of preparation of specialists is on contemporary educational environment, usage of information networks, thematic databases of various foreign libraries and interlibrary exchange of information.


  1. 1 World Economy and International Economic Relations
  2. 1 Business and Administration
  3. 1 Marketing and Logistics
  4. 1 Accountancy
  5. 1 Finance and Banking
  6. 1 Tourism


  • International Trade  Business and Administration


  • International Economic Relations
  • Small and Medium Business
  • Management of International Projects
  • Banks
  • Private Business Administration
  • Logistics of Enterprises and Organizations
  • Tourism Industry