Club of Future Economists – Erudit-Café


Ensuring high quality education and moulding high standard professionals require a long way; thus, the IRIM during 13 years of its work focused on quality, depth and essence and succeeded to prepare specialists of high professional quality, capable of efficient political, diplomatic, economic and communicative activity on the national and international arena.

In order to integrate young economists into the present informational society and the economy based on knowledge, the Faculty of World Economy and International Economic Relations educates and trains students in the spirit of modern concepts that are specific ones, thanks to market economy. A relevant example of participative training for students from the faculty is ‘The Club of Future Economists’ which appeared on the 21st of February in 2013 being guided by the superior lecturer Natalia Antoci.

The goal of the club is development of  the skills of critical reading, rhetoric and reasoning  for further improvement of linguistic competence, formation of tolerant attitude to pluralism of opinions, economic culture, values of economic and political freedom and entrepreneurial spirit which are the prerequisites of economic and social progress.

Students display a great interest in being actively engaged in the debates.

Members of  ‘The Club of the Future Economists’ took part in the intellectual game ‘Erudit-Café’  – a TV show featured by The Moldovan Club of Intellectual Games in cooperation with the TV channel Moldova 1.