ICONS Project of the University of Maryland (USA)


On December 9, 2017, three faculty members, a PhD student, 10 Masters students (European Studies, FRISPA, MSU), and 25 undergraduates from 3 programs and 2 universities (14 from MSU, FRISPA; 5 from MSU, Faculty of Foreign Languages; and 6 from IRIM) joined together for an international crisis negotiation role-play simulation created by the ICONS Project of the University of Maryland (USA).  This online simulation featured 5 teams of students playing the roles of Latvia, the EU, the US, Russia, and a fictional Russian minority organization in Latvia.  Their task was to negotiate a peaceful solution to a crisis event in Latvia that threatened to draw global powers into conflict and unleash violent unrest in the Baltic state.  After 3 intense hours, the students successfully arrived at a peaceful resolution to the crisis, and participated in a debrief with Professor Stacy J. Kosko, a Fulbright scholar from the University of Maryland who organized the event.