Theatre IRIM

cats 4Theater –IRIM group came to life in 2011, and it includes students from the faculties of the Institute. The group was created thanks to a natural desire for expression of artistic and creative potential. We know that namely in art we can feel and express the freedom of human spirit. Though being very young, the group managed to stage the following plays:

  • “Rhinoceros” by the playwright Eugene Ionesco is a visual metaphor in order to give an artistic equivalent to the social phenomenon as precisely as possible.
  • “Pygmalion”, an unrivaled comedy by the English playwright George Bernard Shaw, delights the audience with hilarious remarks, mumbles, funny accents and subtle irony…
  • The musical “Chicago”, a captivating story inspired by the reality in 1920s, renders the fascinating atmosphere on the turn of the century and creates the magic mix of theater and music.
  • “Cats”, a musical by Andrew Webber, is based on the book “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” written by T.S. Eliot, is the first musical performed in Moldova in the Broadway style.
    Performances are directed by Ms Ana Antir, a  Rising Star.
    Youth, passion, and talent help us to learn together about life and theater.

pygmalion 2