Admission 2019

The IRIM is to meet in the Republic of Moldova an urgent need of training highly qualified  specialists that will be able to carry out efficient economic, diplomatic and political activities for the complete affirmation of Moldova on the international arena.

In the educational and scientific processes the IRIM combines old traditions with the European standards for each speciality.

The IRIM offers the possibility to the students of all specialities to study in the academic groups in the Romanian and Russian languages. Fundamental subjects are taught in the student’s native language, and some speciality disciplines (e.g. the Faculty of Foreign Languages) are taught in English and French by teachers from the IRIM and invited professors from abroad.

Students from all faculties are offered the possibility to study two modern foreign languages (English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish) and the third language at their choice.

IRIM offers:

  1. Cycle I Bachelor’s Degree (Licentiate)
  2. Cycle II Master’s Degree
  3. Cycle III Doctorate Studies.

Candidates can choose the full-time studies, budget financing or fee contract at all specialties, and part-time studies at Law faculty.

Phone numbers: 022 22-83-20