Cicle I – Licence

Candidates can opt for the full-time studies, with budget financing or on contract basis in all specialties, and part-time, the specialty of Law.

Rules of admission to Cycle I, license specialties, are the following:


  1. International Relations
  2. Political Science
  3. Public Administration
  4. World Economy and International Economic Relations
  5. Tourism
  6. Business and Administration
  7. Marketing and Logistics
  8. Law
  9. Modern Languages (translator)
  10. Modern Languages (teacher)

Cycle I – the license specialities are the following:

  • Specialty: International relations
  • Specialty: political scientist
  • Specialty: Public Administration
  • Specialty: Law
  • Specialty: World Economy and International Economic Relations
  • Specialty: Marketing and Logistics
  • Specialty: Business and Administration
  • Specialty: TOURISM
  • Specialty: Modern Languages (translator)
  • Specialty Languages (teacher)

Cycle II – Master

  • Specialization: an International Trade
  • Specialization: Business and Management
  • Specialization: European Studies
  • Specialization: POLICY ANALYSIS
  • Specialization: Diplomatic Studies
  • Specialization: International law
  • Specialization: Criminal Law
  • Specialization: Customs Law
  • Specialization: in Business Law
  • Specialization:  a specialized translation and technics of technical documentation

Cycle III – Doctorate