The Specialty: International Relations


Period of instruction: 3 years

Graduates are given the academic title: Bachelor in Political Science

Application Field. The multidisciplinary formation of professional studies in the field of international relations offers many possibilities for employment in central government bodies (parliament, government, presidency), within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, and also in embassies, consulates and permanent representations of international organizations of the Republic of Moldova abroad, including the foreign ones which are accredited in the Republic of Moldova. Then too there are possibilities for postings with local governments, that are subject to international cooperation, state institutions concerned with the international affairs, and non-governmental organizations. And finally, media organizations, public officials, diplomats, ambassadors, consuls, consultants, foreign policy specialists, and translation centers find our students of International Relations particularly attractive candidates for positions on their staffs.

Study Areas:

· history of universal diplomacy
· history of Moldovan diplomacy
· modern and contemporaneous policy
· history of European and American countries
· political history of Asian and African countries
· international relations in political history
· history of international relations
· history of international political systems
· theory of international relations
· geopolitics
· theory of international systems
· power centers in contemporaneous international relations
· diplomacy bases
· diplomatic and consular Service
· diplomatic service worldwide
· multilateral diplomatic service
· external policy of the Republic of Moldova
· international organizations
· internationalist processes in today’s world
· European Union: history and contemporaneity
· European political institutions
· European Union’s foreign and common security policy
· theory and practice of diplomatic negotiations
· diplomatic protocol and ceremony
· official protocol of the Republic of Moldova
· diplomatic correspondence
· diplomatic controversy
· public international law
· comparative constitutional law
· political economy
· international economic relations
· politics
· political sociology
· conflict studies
· philosophy
· professional ethics
· management philosophy
· religious factors in international relations
· history and theory of public administration
· European administrative systems
· modern language A
· modern language B
· informational technologies