The Specialty: Business and Administration


Graduates are given the academic title: Bachelor in Economic Science

Period of instruction 3 years

Employment opportunities: The multidisciplinary training of the specialists in the field of business and administration offers multiple possibilities of employment within the systems of management of national economy branches, enterprises, companies, and agencies based on different types of property and legal forms, including private business taking charge in exciting working areas as managers, counselors, economists, supervisors, and research assistants .

Study Areas:

• foundations of economic theory
• fundamentals of management
• basis of Accounting
• basic Marketing
• fundamentals of statistics
• macroeconomics
• microeconomics
• business economics and business foundations
• management of foreign economic operations
• business finance
• human resource management
• innovation management
• business administration
• diagnostics economic activity
• public-private partnership
• foreign exchange and financial relations
• higher mathematics
• socio-economic forecasts
• tax systems and tax methods
• economic geography
• economic informatics
• fundamentals of state and law
• fundamentals of diplomacy
• history and international relations theory
• EU: history and modernity
• international management
• European economic integration
• business philosophy
• business Ethics
• foreign language A
• foreign language B
• physical education