The Specialty: Global Economy and International Economic Relations


Period of instruction 3 years

The graduates are given the academic title: Bachelor in Economic Science

Application filed: Our multidisciplinary training of professionals in the field of global economy and international economic relations, gives multiple possibilities of employment in a large number of activities with private businesses working in the area of external trade and with multinational companies and international institutions, that manage programs of external and European financing, and also in governmental organizations, diplomatic and consular missions, international organizations as well as in banks, agencies and commercial offices in our country and abroad employed as economists and specialists in international economic relations.

Study Areas:

  • foundations of economic theory
  • fundamentals of statistics
  • higher mathematics
  • economic geography
  • basis of Accounting
  • fundamentals of management
  • fundamentals of marketing
  • business law
  • microeconomics
  • macroeconomics
  • international economic relations
  • international marketing
  • management in international economic relations
  • world economy
  • currency and international monetary circulation
  • international economic integration
  • comparative management
  • foreign economic activity
  • business correspondence
  • international finance in international economic relations
  • administrative law
  • investment management
  • international economic organizations
  • communication and business negotiations
  • HSEQ area
  • international financial exchange relations
  • customs and financial activity
  • international economic law
  • scholarships and securities
  • specificity of international markets
  • law of international organizations
  • politics
  • economic informatics
  • business philosophy
  • management’s philosophy and business ethics
  • modern language A
  • physical education