The Specialty: Modern languages (translator)


Graduates are given the academic title: Bachelor in Humanitarian Science

The qualification: Translator – English / French / German

Period of instruction: 3 years

Application field. Graduates will be able to work as terminologists, editors, translators, reviewers of and in international relations organizations, economists, law and customs recorders, interpreters in ministries, foreign division directors in international organizations, banks, industrial and trade companies, and also within translation bureaus as managers and public relation advisers.

Study Areas:

• theory and practice of translation
• terminology
• literary written translation
• specialized written translation
• consecutive and simultaneous translation
• professional ethics of the translator
• phonetics and phonology of English / French
• morphology of English / French
• the syntax of English / French
• lexicology of English / French
• semiotics of the literary text
• introduction to German and / Romance Philology
• language and civilization English / American / French
• general linguistics
• applied linguistics
• theoretical grammar
• stylistics
• communication techniques
• academic writing techniques
• literary theory
• history of English / French literature
• history of American literature
• history of world literature
• history of English / French language
• language B
• history of francophone literature – optional course
• diplomatic protocol and ceremony
• fundamentals of diplomacy
• political economy
• basis of history of international relations
• European Union: history and contemporaneity
• political science
• information technology
• physical education.