The Specialty: Foreign Languages (teacher)


Graduates are given the academic title: Bachelor in Educational Sciences

Qualification: Teacher of English / French / German

Period of instruction 3 years

Application Field. Graduates, here, will be able to begin their activity as teachers in higher education institutions and as professionals in research institutions, as well as in related fields immediately after graduation. They can also work as terminologists, editors and reviewers specializing in international relations, and in economics, law, education, and also within governmental structures, ministries, departments, then also in public as well as in private companies, archives, museums, libraries, mass media editorial offices and a number of other places and institutions. The world is open to these teacher trained graduates.

Study Areas:

• theory and methodology of education
• general psychology
• theory and methodology of training
• theory and methodology
• educational technologies
• educational psychology
• psychology ages
• teaching English
• educational management
• ethics and professional conduct
• phonetics and phonology of English / French
• morphology of English / French
• the syntax of English / French
• lexicology of English / French
• introduction to German and / Romance philology
• language and civilization English / American / French
• general linguistics
• stylistics
• communication techniques and academic writing
• literary theory
• history of English / French Literature
• history of American / French Literature
• history of world literature
• history of English / French language
• protocol and diplomatic ceremonial forms
• fundamentals of diplomacy
• political economy
• basis of law
• history of international relations
• European Union: history and contemporaneity
• political science
• information technologies
• physical education