The Specialty: Marketing and Logistics


Graduates are given the academic title: Bachelor in Economic Science

Period of Instruction 3 years

Application Field:The aim of our marketing specialty exists to train highly qualified professionals capable of analyzing and thinking critically on issues of marketing domain with the ability to solve problems in a relevant way and of making decisions appropriate and spot on for the job in front of them. According to Churchill, “The marketing enhances our need of a better living. It proposes a cozier living, a finer cloth, a better table.” The professional in the marketing and logistic field will be able to be employed in public and private institutions, banks, stock exchanges, investment fund areas, insurance companies, holdings and service provision centers, as counselors, economists, marketers, and research assistants. The field is now opening to a wider audience and promises a bright future for those who choose to work in it.

Study Areas:

• fundamentals of economics
• fundamentals of statistics
• basis of accounting
• fundamentals of management
• fundamentals of marketing
• higher mathematics
• economic geography
• economic informatics
• microeconomics
• macroeconomics
• communication and business negotiations
• logistics
• tourism marketing
• international marketing
• customs and financial activity
• international Economic Integration
• basics of diplomacy
• business law
• psychology and business ethics
• business philosophy
• modern Language A
• modern Language B
• public relations
• marketing research
• consumer behavior
• agricultural marketing
• polls and surveys in business
• physical education.