The Specialty: Political Science


Period of instruction 3 years.

Graduates are given the academic title: Bachelor in Political Science

Employment opportunities: The intensive study of political science with emphasis on political power phenomenas, state structure and functionality, and socio-political control technologies, give our graduates chances to work as professionals in state structures, non-governmental organizations, political parties and movements, structures concerned with the socio-political management and fully employed as consultants, policy managers, spokespersons, translators, and social workers. Our professional training allows our graduates to take part in elaborate management programs and work in and with numerous diverse public policy programs. The program gives increased attention to the development of communication abilities in this contemporary field, in a form now considered a key factor in achieving good public relations through-out our shrinking world.

Study Areas:

· politics
· introduction of the specialty
· social political history of ancient and medieval thought
· social political history of modern and contemporary thought
· contemporary political history Europe and North America
· political history of Asian and African countries
· geopolitics
· history and theory of international relations
· contemporary political science: current issues
· comparative political science
· political systems: a comparative study
· conflict studies
· social study of the political parties
· cratology
· political leadership
· sociology
· political sociology
· civil society
· democracy: theory and practice
· transitology
· constitutional law
· public international law
· fundamentals of diplomacy
· European Union: history and contemporaneity
· EU policies
· public policy
· social policy
· philosophy
· political philosophy
· professional ethics
· political culture
· theory and practice of negotiations
· theory and practice of argumentation
· political discourse
· multiculturalism and international diverse languages communication
· general psychology
· political psychology
· social psychology
· political economy
· fundamentals of management
· political management
· bases of marketing
· policy analysis
· research methodology
· methods and techniques of writing an academic text
· political technologies
· informational technologies
· modern language A