The Specialty: Tourism


Graduates are given the academic title: Bachelor in Public Service

Period of instruction 3 years

Application Field: The gained cognitive potential in our program allows graduates to apply their skills and abilities in practice within a large field including public service areas, travel agencies, hotel and restaurant structures, and recreational complexes, working as entrepreneurs, managers, translators, program directors, and tour guides.

Study Areas:

• basics of economics
• fundamentals of statistics
• basis of accounting
• fundamentals of management
• basic marketing
• fundamentals of entrepreneurship
• higher mathematics
• economic geography
• business law
• microeconomics
• macroeconomics
• fundamentals of tourist activity
• sustainable tourism management
• the touristic potential of capitals
• international tourism resources
• transport and expeditions
• fundamentals of diplomacy
• policy of promoting tourism products
• tourism economy
• international marketing
• tourist facilities planning
• national destinations
• travel technical operations
• international economic relations
• international tourism
• organizing and coordinating tourism
• recreational services industry
• management of hotel services
• ecotourism and rural tourism
• geography of international tourism
• organization and technology services
• business negotiations
• restaurants and public supply
• European economic integration
• insurance in tourism
• history of culture
• economic informatics
• business philosophy
• psychology and business ethics
• foreign language
• physical education