Cycle II – Master Studies

Moldova Institute of International Relations is authorized to conduct MA studies in the following specializations:

• Policy Analysis
• Diplomatic Studies
• European Studies
• International Trade
• Business and Administration
• International law
• Criminal Law
• Customs Duty
• Business Right
• Specialized Translation and Techniques of Terminological Documentation

Master studies at the IRIM are based on the following major objectives:

1) Professional training of highly qualified specialists in the fields of political science, international
relations, diplomacy, international trade, business and administration, international law, customs
law, business law, criminal law, specialized translation and techniques of terminological
2) Development of capacities for investigation, study and research in the fields of political science and
international relations, as well as development of  skills and competencies in translation/specialized  interpretation in English and French.

Organization of Study at Master Level:

Specialized postgraduate masters study proceeds as a full-time education, with funding from the state budget or on contract basis, with the fee for studies.

Duration is 2 years – specializations are the following: Political Analysis, Diplomatic Studies, European Studies, International Trade, Business and

Administration, and while duration of studies is 1.5 years , the  specializations are the following: International Law, Customs Law, Business Law, and

Criminal Law.

Admission to Master studies is only for holders of bachelor degrees.

Master studies begin on 1 October.

Specialized Master Education finishes with handing in the Diploma of Master and obtaining the title of Master in political science, specializing in

Policy Analysis, Diplomatic Studies, European Studies; Master in Economics, specializing in International Trade, Business and Administration;

Master in Law, specializing in International Law, Customs Law, Business Law, Criminal Law; Master in Social Sciences, specializing in Technical

Translation and Techniques of Terminological Documentation.

The entire instructive, educational, theoretic and practical process is organized and conducted on its integration with scientific research.