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The scientific and research activities carried out under MIGIEUS in the years 2017–2020 covered among other things the following topics:

  • contemporary (after the year 2000) migration trends and patterns in Europe/EU/EU member states,
  • causes and determinants of migration movements to/in Europe/EU,
  • consequences of migration movements for EU and its member states,
  • response of the EU and its member states to migration challenges and problems,
  • EU and national policies in the field of migration and asylum.
  • understanding the importance of the EU as an actor in international relations, security and defense;
  • emphasizing approaches to security issues and defense policy;
  • determination of the most important challenges (eg, Middle East, Russia, migration, energy, climate change) in achieving foreign policy, security and defense policy;
  • the mechanism of decision-making in foreign policy, security and defense policy;
  • the comprehend the role of Member States of the EU and of third parties outside the EU in the development and exercise of EU foreign authority;

The scientific and research activities included e.g. preparation of various publications; editorial and review experience for academic journals and publishing houses; active participation in various scientific events as a speaker, moderator, discussant, expert; the role of PhD supervisor;